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 new Ryan's blog

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MessageSujet: new Ryan's blog   Ven 11 Aoû - 9:38

Monday June 19, 2006
Eatontown New Jersey
12:47 am
I actually slept, well for a half hour to be exact,
well not so exact. I was watching Final Destination 3,
and slept through most of the middle of it…
But I have gotten a few days full sleep in the last
two weeks, well two days, and 6 hours straight each,
although not consecutively….
We arrived in Jersey at 6 pm earlier today, but my
body’s still on England time, so for me it’s 6:48 am
right now, which makes sense as to why I slept a bit.
I was just suddenly awoken by screaming, my own,
thanks to another bought of night terrors. This time
it involved some type of party that I didn’t want to
be at, I think it was at a hotel, and upon my leaving
to get home, I was attacked by stuffed animal monkeys,
who just kept yelling that they were only fans of
Tiffany. I know, sounds like the lamest thing in the
world to be waking up screaming about…but that’s not
what scared me, the scary part was that they moved in
the most un natural manner. Their arms seemed to have
a throbbing, jolting movement. I can only compare it
to the visual of a heart beating at a fervent pace,
and not being confined in any manner to the laws of
I started screaming for help, and for someone to wake
me up, which is, of course, where I always come to,
screaming… When I opened my eyes, everything in the
room had the same pulsating rhythm. I flicked the
bedside lamp on and it took a little while for my eyes
to adjust and focus. And to realize that I had
probably just woken up poor David, who is next door
and plans on getting to the beach early tomorrow
morning to surf. And if I did infact wake him up, god
knows what he thinks was causing my ruckus. There was
also something in the dream about going to the house
across the street from my old babysitter and watching
an RV back into and through her house….but I don’t
really know where to go with that one.

Coming home, or back to the USA, from England was
something of a shock. Which is completely odd, cause
its usually the other way around for me. It may have
something to do with being in New Jersey, where I have
never spent any good amount of time. Hoping to find a
shooting range tomorrow on our lovely day off in
Eatontown, but I think the driving range 2 miles down
and getting my dirty laundry clean is going take the
more realistic route of the day.
The last two shows in England were amazing. Looking
out at that many people is a real trip. It feels
almost unreal, as if there’s really only a few
thousand in the first section and a mirage of fleshy
waves behind. I think it’s because of the topography.
If the land rises up and out from the stage, its more
comprehendible to look at.
I got to see a lot of old friends, and I really
enjoyed seeing them again. Adrian (of At The Gates,
COF) and I managed to take almost the exact picture we
took two years prior at Donnington. I got to catch up
with all of the Queens and Eagles, whom I have missed
terribly. (not the bitter old guy eagles, or
queen..although Brian May did play with the Foos…rad!)
And finally got to sit down and talk with Brody about
everything we’ve been up to since we stopped playing
music together. She seems to be very happy being a
mom, and I’m happy for her. We took a picture to share
with you all, but we were both a little tipsy so it’s
not the most glamorous…ooops
I got some great pics of EODM shaking Manchester to a
full on boogie breakdown, but I promised Dave and
Jesse I’d email them the pics so they can share them
with you.
I miss my home a lot right now, and my wife, and my
cats. Although this isn’t the longest I’ve been away,
it has been the hardest on the heartstrings. Being
home for a year..that’s what did it. I think I got
used to being in one place. In the 4 and some odd
years with The Distillers, I wasn’t in one place for
more than a few weeks at a time…. Road life and Home
life are two different animals. I have to get used to
the vagabond again.
I’ve been reading all the messages left for me on my
website, and am trying to figure a way to respond to
the questions. Some sort of Q&A thing maybe, or I’ll
start answering some in here perhaps. I don’t know
exactly how yet, but somehow.
Oh I have a question. Do any of you have T-Mobile
cellular service? Has T-Mobile lied to you about their
service charges? If you do have T-Mobile and live in
the USA, and they tell you that if you go over seas
and someone calls you, “it won’t cost you a thing”
they’re lying to you. “won’t cost you a thing” and
$2.00 a minute don’t really mean the same thing,
although they seem to think so, or maybe they’ve made
a new form of the English language and these two terms
do mean the same thing to them. I wonder if Zeta Jones
Douglas is in on that?

désolée pas de traduc, je l'ai même pas lu..trop long happy
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new Ryan's blog
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